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A.T. Kortos(Active Track) - GPRS Guard Tour System

A.T. Kortos(Active Track) is a device that integrates a GPS receiver and two-way communication device. Applying
a quad band GSM/GPRS modem u-blox Leon-G100 gives A-GPS service that supports GPS signal from satellites
by GSM/GPRS. Using A-GPS device is able to compute a position even under poor GPS signal

The system was originally designed for the security market, but the flexibility of solutions allows it to be used also in such industries as the banking sector, warehousing, logistics, etc.

Main functionality and benefits:

• Two-way voice communication
• PANIC button in case of emergencies
• MAN-DOWN function (built-in accelerometer)
• A-GPS (Assisted GPS)
• GeoFencing
• Tamper detection alert
• Online, real time tracking and history
• Large memory capacity
• Programming buttons for sending an SMS alarm
• Can be extended with new functionalities
• Silent call
• Battery working time - up to 36 hours


• Lone worker protection (MAN DOWN function)
• VIP protection
• Outdoor safety for elderly people (elderly care)
• Children protection
• Escorting valuable shipments/people - the possibility of routing and alerting the aberration from its course