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Active Guard - GPRS Guard Tour System

Active Guard System is an innovative solution for supervising the work of security guards.

• Sending alarm notification in real time via GSM/GPRS/SMS.
• PANIC button in case of emergencies.
• GSM two-way voice communication.

Active Guard is the most advanced, first of its kind in the world, system for monitoring the time, place and results of
the personnel work. By the combining benefits of GPRS communication and RFID reading Active Guard can be used as
a guard tour system, a personnel protection system and a voice communication device. Active Guard ensures the ability
to react immediately, which helps increase the safety and quality of work. It gives an instant irregularity warning.
Designed for guard control, Active Guard is a highly flexible system and can be used also for other purposes, e.g.
access control and identification, technical inspection monitoring, storage and rental systems monitoring, or maintenance

Functionality and benefits

• Built-in accelerometer
  - MAN-DOWN detection – notification of threats to the life of the user
  - Excessive shock detection – notification of attempts to destroy the device
  - Tilt detection with configurable positions and angles – notification of changes to the position of the device – alarm signal if the position is
    outside the defined range
• New, more durable housing (silicone gasket, more screws, additional shock absorbers)
• Reduction of equipment costs
• Increase physical security effectiveness: low cost of monitoring, easy implementation and use, quality improvement of supervisor's work